Our Company

Welcome to SPS Barrel Service —A Online Retail Shop.

SPS Barrel Service (Shop, pack & Ship) is a new entrant into an emerging segment of the supply industry known as online purchasing, packaging and delivery. The company will purchase, package and deliver a variety of products such as groceries, home supplies and pharmaceuticals. Initially, it will primarily offer  high-demand items such dry products and household items; however, over time the company will add any items as requested by its customers.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to provide an exceptional service and experience to our customers; people from the Caribbean Islands, South America and who lives abroad [Canada, United States, United Kingdom]. SPS is all about opening up our customer’s to a world of opportunities they never thought possible.
SPS is positioned as a high quality, cost-effective and hassle-free online solution for:

  • People from Canada, United States, United kingdom looking to ship products (groceries and household items) to their families.
  • People from the Caribbean and South America looking for products from Canada.

Our Products

SPS will offer a variety of products such as:

  • Daily essentials including groceries, home supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • Dry Goods — flour, sugar, rice, salt Canned/Jarred Goods — ketchup, sausages, corn beef, oil.
  • Paper Goods toilet paper, aluminum foil, tissue, zip lock bags.
  • Personal Care —shampoo, bathing soap, tooth brush, toothpaste.
  • Cleaners— laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid.
  • Other — baby items, school suppliers, batteries, toys.

Our Process

The actual process of purchasing. packing, and shipping a barrel is as follows:

  1. Customer purchases a prepacked barrel by size; small, medium and large or;
  2. Customer filled their custom order in our customization section.
  3. Goods are purchased and then barrel is packed and sealed.
  4.  Barrel is then transported  to the nearest port.
  5. Barrel is packed on a freighter and shipped.
  6. Barrel arrives at its final destination port.
  7. Barrel is then cleared and picked up by the customer.